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About Me

My name is Miguel Salgado, and I do a lot of things in my computer on my spare time. My main activity right now is my job, and previously it was my Physics undergrad degree, and after that, and my past and current second activity is studing about math.

I’m working for an IoT and food safety company called iQKitchen, and previously I did some Salesforce development for a company called Advancio. Before doing software development, I had several jobs as a phone agent, barista, waiter, and other college student like jobs.

During my studies, I worked on simulations and typesetting for my courseworks, and took many math and cs courses. My interests are right now in subjects surrounding.

I spend alot of time in my computer working on things or skills, that I think from my experience working and interacting with grad students, will be of benefit when I start my Grad Studies.

Some of these activities involve:

Some may say I am taking this preparing for grad school a bit to far, but the truths it that I needed a rest from school for a bit, and I really want to pursue academic life in the future, but right now, I’m just enjoying all the things I’m doing, and at the same time nurturing my self with things that in the past I didn’t like as much.

Right now my favorite tools to work with are:

Somethings I still want to get more related to right now are:

Some of my favorite thoughts that I’ve haven’t been able to conclude on:

Now that you know more about me, feel free to send me an email and ask any question: me@ekiim.xyz