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Numerical Analisys with Python

In this notes I’ll be exposing how to write a python module using only python, without the need for any other modules except for mathplotlib.

The idea of this notes are to explain how the numerical analysis methods work, and how you can structure your code in a way that is reusable for you, and that you can distribute it with others.

By no means I’m recommending the use of this library for any really demmanding caluclations, this is just as an excersice to better understand how numerical methods and python work.

I’ll be covering few actual proofs of the methods, but calculus and basic matrices knowledge will be required, also programming concepts, as inheritance, error handling, generators, just to name a few. If you feel solid on the math or programming you will have less problem getting the hang of the other.

The notes separated in to “chapters” as a typical numerical analysis book, and any programming concept needed will be explain along the way.

  1. Making sure you have a python development enviroment
  2. Mathematical and Programming Prelimintaries
    • Basic of Calculus and Important theorems
    • Representing a value
    • Representing a function
  3. Solving one variable equations
  4. Numerical Differentiation and Integration
  5. Initial-Value Problems for ODE